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Our Terms & Conditions


Wholesale prices apply to orders of 50 pieces or more per shipment.

Local orders: (i.e. delivery within Indonesia): All goods are sold on ex-workshop basis and we accept either US Dollars (USD), or Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) at current IDR/USD rate.

Export orders: Goods are typically sold on ex-works basis, in USD only. If you require other terms such as CNF, CIF, please discuss with us at time of enquiry.

Sample Policy:

Existing style: If a sample is using an existing silhouette, and we use stock skin, 2 x wholesale price will apply. However, where a wholesale order is then subsequently placed within the same season, the price of any samples will be adjusted to wholesale prices, and the difference reimbursed through a credit against the value of the wholesale order.


New silhouette: If a new style is required, meaning a new pattern must be made, a mock-up bag made, and finally a sample made in correct skin, then a development fee will apply, the sample will be charged at 3 x wholesale price will apply, with the same credit as detailed above possible.

Payment terms and methods:

Samples and other non-wholesale:

100% on confirmation of order (including shipment costs, see below).

Wholesale orders:

50% on confirmation of order, balance 50% (including shipment costs, see below) must be received prior to shipment of goods.

Methods; Payments can be made by bank transfer or PayPal (N.B. in case of PayPal we will add 7% to the total order value to cover PayPal fees and the Forex loss).

Shipment / Freight/ CITES: 

We typically offer shipment by courier, EMS (Post Office to Post Office), or airfreight. We will discuss the best option with you at time of enquiry. 

All freight costs must be paid prior to goods being shipped or using clients’ courier account. Please note that due to local conditions in Indonesia, we cannot export goods by FedEx.


We can provide a CITES certificate on request. Minimum requirement is usually 50 pieces/shipment. Details of any additional costs will be advised at time of enquiry.  



Depending upon the market you are importing to, you will need certain documents in place in order to import goods under CITES. If you have not done this previously, we strongly recommend you contact the local body overseeing Imports, and/or a Customs agent before ordering any goods.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure all local import regulations are adhered to. 

Tussy cannot accept any responsibility for additional costs or delays caused by circumstances outside of their control, including but not limited to problems caused by 3rd party logistics providers or local import procedures. 



Tussy makes every effort to ensure all goods are in excellent, saleable quality before leaving our premises. Any claims must be made within 5 working days of goods being received by client and should include full details of the issue, supported by photos where appropriate. We will handle each instance on its merits.

Due to the cost and complexity of returning goods to Indonesia we do not ship any damaged/faulty goods back here. 

All goods made to our designs are as ordered and will follow our own specifications and construction. 

It is important to remember that our products are made from 100% natural skins. Therefore they will carry certain marks and features which mean each item is individual. Also it is usual to see a small variation in shade across goods of the same colour.

Snakeskin bags are not waterproof and should never be exposed to rainwater or any other liquids.

Snakeskin which has been exposed to sunlight or other bright light for a prolonged period of time may experience a change in colour. When not being worn, the bag should be stored, ideally in the dust bag provided, in a cool, dry, dark environment.

We do not accept any liability for pieces which have undergone damage, whether physical or in appearance, due to misuse or poor storage.

Under no conditions will we accept any claim which exceeds the purchase price of the goods.

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